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Jusa Dementor-UK based Zimbabwean Artist and Record CEO


25 year old Zimbabwean Tawanda Sibotshiwe better known as Jusa is the Producer, founder and prime artist of A.B.R.A Records. He is a multitalented individual who dabbles behind the mixing desk, behind the microphone and on stage. He has also recently taken on video production. As the founder of A.B.R.A, he has realised a lot of new African urban talent across the world. He has gained a lot of respect and is putting Africa on the map on the music and general entertainment front.

As a performing artist, Jusa has made a lot of music and is versatile to the tune of fusing many genres and singing styles. He is a very patriotic artist and believes in the development of Africa as a whole. His messages of hope and upliftment are in relation to his close links with his mother continent. Jusa is well known in his homeland Zimbabwe and also has a lot of respect and followers in the Diaspora. Every year he is interviewed by the BBC in regards to his musical advancements and performs live on national T.V. 

As a producer, Jusa has gained a lot of credits through out the past years. He has produced a lot of tracks for many artists in the UK and in other countries all over the world. That is mainly in Australia, U.S.A and in my mother land, Zimbabwe. He also sponsors some artists based in Zimbabwe and currently produces a large number of artists in Africa. Jusa sponsors acts for the development of African urban music and the African dancehall uprising to live on. He works with a lot of other artists and producers from other recording stables. Jusa is currently working closely with Hilda Mulenga of Mumba Productions, who is helping him reach higher heights with his music. Jusa is also working with KYN records (, Sick Men Of Africa records, Matema Ghoridhe Productions, Mos Wanned Records (, Upliftment Records ( and many other African Bred urban music establishments.

Jusa is spreading his wings and is looking to other African countries to work with. He is in touch with other African acts in South Africa and Nigeria. Jusa has three albums to his name on the production and artist front. Namely Zvatsva Kutshile and Zvemusngo in collaboration with love one production, which where released in 2005. He has just released a 22 track album which he produced and features on as well, titled Konzeresa Riddim. The track Jusa submitted for the KORA awards is on this compilation which is available on all major platforms such as I-tunes, yahoo! Music, Amazon and CD Baby. He made History by being the First producer to release an official Riddim album from Africa Internationally. The album also has a single by Jusa which has a clean cut video which is making waves on the African urban television scene in the Diaspora.  Jusa is the future of African Dancehall music and sets to be an ambassador for African Urban entertainment internationally.

You can vote for Jusa at under the best raga artist category.

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